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Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and their families by providing insightful, caring and individualized financial guidance. Presidential Brokerage founded America's Retirement Store ® to better reflect who we, as a company, have become. Our specific goal is to help Main Street America gain access to a higher level of education, services and individual attention.

Our roots are Main Street - not Wall Street! America's Retirement Store ®: Helping America Retire. Helping You Retire ... Better!


Healthy Wealthy Wise

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Americans have important questions about maintaining their lifestyle into retirement, inflation, social security and health care costs.
Blueprint is a breakthrough approach to retirement planning that goes beyond the numbers and helps us plan for the rest of our lives. Beyond just planning what you want to do, you must plan for how you’re going to pay for what you want to do. It’s about finding and funding our lives.
Blueprint looks at your life, resources, and sources of income to produce a picture of what you can expect your retirement picture to look like, and answers many of important questions about the “what ifs” in life. A simple one hour meeting to get to know you will allow us to see if we can be helpful as you enter into another important time of your life. The agenda will focus on you and what you feel is important. (click here to learn more)

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Healthy Wealthy Wise

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Critical Concepts:

Lump Sum Distributions

The following options are available for a distribution from a company plan...(more)

Five Most Important Estate Planning Documents

 It may be the subject matter — death, incapacity and taxes — that causes us to avoid estate planning. However, the fact is that, no matter what your age or how much wealth you’ve accumulated, you need an estate plan to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets...(more)

Must Know IRA Rules 

Test your IRA knowledge. Here are some critical areas that you – or your financial adviser – need to understand and have under control...(more)

Understanding Beneficiary Designations

Don’t forget to name beneficiaries.  Assets that pass by beneficiary designation are not subject to probate. But if you fail to name a beneficiary, the asset(s) becomes part of your probate estate. This could delay distribution or lead to additional administrative costs...(more)

Retirement Timetable

So you think retirement  is an event in the distant future? Think again. Life happens and next thing you know retirement is right around the corner. The key to a successful retirement is planning and preparation. Here is a basic checklist of items to prepare the road to retirement. Start planning now...(more)